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Kate Upton nude pictures leaked!

Kate Upton’s naked pictures were leaked at the end of 2014, dubbed in a celebrity nude scandal called the “Fappening”. She, among with 100’s of other celebrities had their nude pictures hacked for the whole world to see! Now there’s nothing more that we enjoy than that, plus the celebrities were also trending like we had 100 little Kim Kardashians pop up. This definitely was the biggest publicity stunt of 2014, so we’re all happy.

In case you didn’t know who Kate Upton is, she is an American model and actress, plus size that is. With plus size meaning that she has big boobs and a big ass, unlike most models we see. If you’re looking for more pictures and all the sextapes that have come out, make sure to visit BannedSextapes. Enjoy the free pictures below :-)

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